A Mold Training Course With A Difference

The MBL mold training course was first offered on July 5, 2005. Readers of our newsletter suggested that we provide some training based on the topics we used to discuss in our newsletters. That is how this course was born. Since then we have offered the course at least once every month! The mold training course started as a half-day course covering topics such as: How to recognize indoor mould. This section of the course was initially designed for beginners but even experienced … [Read more...]

Mold Training Course

The unique mold training course is again being offered by MBL. The objective of the mold training course is to provide participants with skills and background information on mold. The course provides insight into the causes of mold growth and control. The training would enable participants to identify mold growth in built environment, be able to decide on the best sampling methods, the types of samples to collect and how to interpret laboratory results. The most common indoor molds such as … [Read more...]

Mould Recognition, Control and Remediation Workshop

There is a significant increase in mould-related litigation. As the public and the workforce develop knowledge on this subject, the provision of appropriate information and training relating to mould becomes an integral part of all health and safety programs and is a key component in achieving Due Diligence. Mold & Bacteria Consulting Laboratories (MBL) Inc. is pleased to present an 8-Hour Mould Recognition, Control and Remediation Workshop. Who Should Attend Mould Recognition, Control … [Read more...]

Providing Mould Facts And Mould Training

In an effort to provide quality information we have created 2 websites dedicated to providing unbiased information on mould and mould training. For mould facts, visit http://www.mouldfacts.ca and for mould training, visit http://www.moldtraining.ca. More technical mould information may be found at http://www.moldbacteria.com and if you can't find what you are looking for give us a call at (905)290-9101. … [Read more...]

Mold Training Schedule

A comprehensive one-day mold training course on indoor mold. The topics for this unique mold training course include: how to recognize indoor mold, how to develop effective sampling strategies, how to interpret laboratory results and, how to perform effective mold remediation/abatement. For details and current course schedule please visit our mold training webpage at http://www.moldbacteria.com/training.html. Certification Maintenance (CM) Points The mold training course has … [Read more...]