Are The Small White Spheres Specific To One Bacteria?

Question: In your article “Significance Of Airborne Bacteria In Indoor Environments” there is a picture of bacterial growth in a culture dish. Could you tell me whether the small white spheres are specific to one bacteria or is a common presentation for many types?

Answer: The white spheres could be representing one type of bacterium or different types of bacteria. However, bacteria colonies will differ in size, texture and color. Description of a bacteria colony includes its shape, the margins or edges of the colony, the colony’s color, as well as surface texture. Some bacteria have their colonies round and smooth, others can have wavy edges and a wrinkled appearance. Differentiating bacteria based on the appearance of their colonies is unreliable, but an essential first step in isolating the different types of bacteria in a sample. Similarly bacteria cells differ in shape and size. Four of the common shapes of bacteria cells are cocci (spherical), rods, vibrio (comma shaped) and spiral.