Canadian Air Quality Testing Laboratory

Mold & Bacteria Consulting Laboratories (MBL) is a leading commercial Canadian air quality testing laboratory in North America. Serving mainly the Canadian market, MBL specializes in lab analysis of air and surface samples for fungi (yeasts and mold) and bacteria. MBL is accredited by the Canadian Association for Laboratory Accreditation (CALA). Routine tests at MBL include:  Bacteria testing: All environmental bacteria including coliforms testing, E. coli testing and Legionella … [Read more...]

Sampling For Airborne Fungal Spores

Reasons for Conducting Air Sampling For Fungal Spores Sampling for airborne fungal spores may be conducted for a number of reasons including assessing the air quality, detection of pathogenic organisms, epidemiological surveys and predictions, detection of mycotoxin producing fungi, or detection and measurement of exposure to allergenic fungi and actinomycetes. Before sampling for airborne fungal spores it’s important to have a clear objective and the data that would meet that objective. … [Read more...]

Mold Test Kits In Canada

Mold test kits are meant to help a homeowner or property manager to perform preliminary tests for mold. Mold test kits are not meant to replace professional advice. There are many test kits out there. While some are worth paying for a majority of the so called "Mold Test Kits" are useless. For example, settle agar plates are frequently sold to homeowners as "mold test kits". While these may give useful information when used by a professional their results can be very misleading. The mold test … [Read more...]

Is Air Sampling For Mold Necessary?

Is air sampling of mold necessary? Any type of mold sampling whether air or surface sampling should be based on a well defined objective. For example, if the objective is to determine whether occupants were exposed to airborne mold spores, then air sampling would be recommended. Air sampling may also help to detect hidden mold growth. Before sampling for mold, it is important to have a well defined objective. … [Read more...]