Should I Panic And Move Out Of The House Or Clean The Mold?

Question: Hi, I have a family of 4 and currently living in a basement home. Last year in August, we had a leakage right above of one the windows. I would say the amount of water that came is between 2-4 Litres of water. I had no idea and ignored the fact that mold could be a problem in the future. All I did was dried the water with cloth and never paid attention behind the drywalls. My problem is that I now see mold growing just right above the frame of the window which I believe is metal. My family has been sick for the past few months with fever and constant coughing. I’m not sure if it’s just the weather but I suspect it could be the mold in our room. I am now in the process of cleaning the window with moldcontrol which I purchased at homedepot. I also planned to look further and open the drywalls around the molded area. I was just wondering if I should panic and move out of the house OR simply clean the mold. I am also inquiring in how much does it cost to get an air sample to test for mold right after the cleanup.

Any of your input would be greatly appreciated.

Answer: It’s possible that you had a major leak or even slow leak that has been there for some time. It’s likely that there is more mold growth than what you see. Instead of trying to clean the mold yourself, I would suggest you ask the homeowner to deal with the problem themselves. While you should not panic, you should ensure the mold is properly cleaned by qualified professionals.