About MBS

Mold & Bacteria Consulting Services (MBS) is a new division of Mold & Bacteria Consulting Laboratories (MBL) that help clients troubleshoot and control microbial contamination in their premises. Our focus is on environmental bacteria and fungi (mold and yeasts) that may contaminate products or surfaces in hotels, schools, manufacturing plants, offices, and homes. We improve people’s lives by providing specialized services and information on mold and bacteria that help solve microbial- related health problems in homes and work environments. MBS helps address the challenges of indoor air quality by helping consultants identify and quantify potentially hazardous microorganisms.

Microbial Investigation
MBS investigates microbial (mold and bacteria) contamination problems in the homes, workplace environments and also on products or items in stores, libraries, and museums. We can provide a comprehensive service and advise you how to minimize microbial risks.

Privacy Policy

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