Water Damaged Homes: The Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Colonizers.

If a water problem in a building is not repaired and the water dried out within 48 hours, growth of mould and other microorganisms would naturally occur. The types of moulds predominant at anyone time would be determined by the level of moisture in the building material. This level of moisture is usually referred to as the water activity and it determines the order in which different categories of moulds appear. The first group of moulds to appear (at water activities less than 0.85) is referred … [Read more...]

How Old Is The Mould In My House?

Often, people wonder if it was possible to tell how old mould growing in a house was and/or whether the mould was actively growing and what the source of the mould was. The answers to these questions would help in situations where say somebody buys a house and some months later they discover mould. If they would tell the mould was there before buying the property, they would follow it up with the seller for not disclosing the mould problem. Unfortunately there are no simple tests that can tell … [Read more...]