Are The Small White Spheres Specific To One Bacteria?

Question: In your article "Significance Of Airborne Bacteria In Indoor Environments" there is a picture of bacterial growth in a culture dish. Could you tell me whether the small white spheres are specific to one bacteria or is a common presentation for many types? Answer: The white spheres could be representing one type of bacterium or different types of bacteria. However, bacteria colonies will differ in size, texture and color. Description of a bacteria colony includes its shape, the … [Read more...]

Is There A Way To Estimate Length Of Time A Fungal Colony Has Been Growing?

Question: Is there a way to estimate the length of time a fungal colony or colonies have been growing? I'm sure that is based on the type of mold, water availability, temperature, food availability, etc. However, in the district we have found several mold growth areas that appear to have been active for several weeks (based totally on assumptions), not a matter of days as is relayed in the information provided. Answer:. It's difficult to tell the length of time a fungal colony or colonies … [Read more...]